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A series of webinars by the experts of different segments including doctors to resolve queries related to COVID19 and lifestyles so this LockDown can’t become the curfew of your life instead it is a CARE-FOR-YOU.

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Healthcrum Webinar on Hypertension

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S. No. Topic Speaker Watch
General Health Education
Dr. Sandeep Singh
BDS, COVID19 Warrior
How to Manage & Overcome Stress After LockDown

Ms. Arjita Sharma
Psychologist & HR Professional

Nutrition in Different Disease Condition

Ms. Swaha Chattopadhyay
Dietitian, Dept. of Dietetics in Chennai Urology and Robotics Inst. and Coordinator - Indian Prostate Cancer Foundation

How Corporate Need to Prepare HR Capital for "New Normal"

Dr. Nistha Tyagi Pachouri
Entrepreneur, Startup Mentor, Certified Corporate & Soft Skill Trainer, Announcer - Doordarshan, IIT Rohtak

Benefits of Meditation

Ms. Apeksha Atulkar Rangire
A Psychologist / Life Coach / Energy Healer
Founder of Elysian Wellbeinng Service

Hypertension Relief By Mind And Body Detox In The Covid19 Pandemic

Ms. Indu Tyagi
A Yoga Researcher

Weight Management During LockDown

Ms. Preeti Kumari
Guest Lecturer - Dept. of Food Science & Nutrition
Yuvraja College University of Mysore


Lifestyle Challenges & Healthy Goals During and After Covid19 Lockdown

Dr. Anjali Agarwal
Consultant Physiotherapist and Lifestyle Consultant


Best Cooking Practices For Healthy Lifestyle During LockDown
Ms. Swaha Chattopadhyay
How to Deal with Pregnancy Related Problems at Home During Lockdown Period.

Dr. Neha Sharma

Easy Home Remedies For General Ailments

Dr. Shantanu Pauranik
MD Ayurved Toxicology, Skin Disease

Concerns during Pregnancy - Physiotherapist's Perspective

Dr. Isha Joshi
Specialist of Women's Health,
Co-founder: Physionize

How Women Can Handle Stress & Maintain Emotional Quotient In Corona Crisis!

De. Nishtha Tyagi Pachouri
An Entrepreneur - La Styliaa


Ms. Indu Tyagi
A Yoga Researcher

Managing Child And Strengthen Their Mental Health During Lock Down

Ms. Ankhee Gupta
Psychological Counsellor & A Stress Management Expert

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